04 February 2017

Evening Radio: Felice Casorati

I've been looking at pictures by the Italian artist Felice Casorati (1883-1963) and gathering my thoughts about him - and also woolgathering, a task made necessary by an injury to my right leg this winter.  As I work on both projects, (article and leg), you may like to read an early post here about Daphne Maugham Casorati, an English-born painter who married Felice Casorati.
RAI is the Italian National Public Broadcasting Company.  Like the BBC and about half the radio/television networks in Europe, RAI is partially funded by broadcast receiving license fees.  It has often been argued against as a funding for use in the United States on the ground that people here expect television to be "free."  These people conveniently disregard cable television fees.

Image: Felice Casorati - Radio Sera (Evening Radio), c.1953, RAI Collection, Rome.


Janet G said...

What a happy painting! Thank you for posting, Jane. Hope your leg feels better soon.

Jane said...

Welcome, Janet G. How interesting that you used the word "happy" to describe this picture. In his still life paintings, Casorati often seems to attach emotions to objects, either as evidence of human use or, in this, case, in response to natural forces like the breeze. I have more Casorati paintings to get to. Hope you enjoy those , too. Casorati is not well known in North America, maybe because there are few opportunities to see his work in person.